Santosha is Sanskrit for contentment  

Our vision is to create a healing atmosphere in a luscious environment that will allow you to uncover the wellness within and to reconnect with your true self. We partner with physicians that you know and trust to help develop custom made packages including detox treatments, yoga, lectures, spa and still lots of downtime. We have worked hard to develop this unique concept and have personally chosen a place that offers the best in a relaxed atmosphere.

Come and reconnect with your true self- Mind Body and Spirit

About the Founder

Autumn Feldmeier has spent 12 years as a medical salesperson-working in hospitals, surgery centers even chemotherapy clinics.  She has personally seen both the successes and the failures of our medical system.

Then, as the result of a bad knee injury that included surgery, she found yoga.  Through the yoga practice, Autumn has not only healed her body, but she has found calm through mindfulness.

Currently, Autumn teaches in San Francisco at the following studios (check schedules for class times)


Autumn also writes a yoga blog and is a regular contributor for SF Yoga Magazine

Autumn's dream is to merge these two systems into a gorgeous environment to inspire health and wellness in others.


My very first yoga teaching gig-The Women's Building