San Pancho, Mexico Retreats


San Pancho is known as the 'Cultural Heart of the Riviera Nayarit!'

Formerly named, San Francisco after the patron saint,  San Pancho began as a fishing town.

In the 1970s, San Pancho became the darling of current President Echeverria who wanted it to be a model of a totally self-sufficient town and Mexican funds were poured into the town which gained schools, a fishing museum and a modern hospital.

San Pancho  (as the village of San Francisco, Mexico is affectionately known) has preserved its rural essence and the authenticity of a picturesque Mexican town. Here one can still enjoy the serenity and the principles of old Mexico; where people take the time to chat rather than rushing to do business. Just an hour’s drive north of Puerto Vallarta airport but a world apart, San Pancho, sits peacefully upon a wide palm-fringed golden beach wrapped in a lush cloak of verdant jungle. Quiet cobblestone streets provide visitors and residents a safe haven in which to wander and discover the town, with delightful restaurants close at hand to enjoy delicious refreshment.

San Pancho is also the home of Entreamigos - a unique community center that focuses on teaching, sustainability and education. 

It is also the home of Circo de Los Ninos-started by Cirque co-founder and Creative Director- Gilles St-Croix and his wife. Here you can practice on real Cirque du Soleil equipment for add-on classes.

San Pancho is also the home of the word's largest international polo and equestrian club- La Patrona Polo and Equestrian club. They offer both polo and equestrian activities. 

Maraica is an eco-friendly and totally sustainable hotel with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean just 10 minutes outside of pueblo of San Pancho.

Santosha Escapes is partnering with Maraica (which means 'Aura' in Spanish) to create unique experiences. 

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